Promises To Keep

I'll keep this short and sweet since I already wrote a 500 word post, accidentally deleted and am now slightly losing the plot.

What I wanted to share today was my thoughts and reflections on the year but the further I went in writing this, the more I began to feel that stab of bitterness and cynicism that I had been trying to escape. So I decided to take 5 minutes (now more like 5 hours) to make some promises of positivity to myself for the future.

  • Time was wasted, a lot of it! I'm not proud of this. I let other peoples actions pull me into an overwhelming state of depression - I promise to not let other people affect me in such a poisonous way.
  • Learn to relax - I promise to allow myself time away to recharge so I don't let the strain of my self-judgment take it's toll.
  • Being alone is fine sometimes but don't punish yourself with alienation - I promise to reach out when I'm in need and not lock myself away from the world.
  • Don't let opportunities pass you by - I promise to take control of my life and career and take every opportunity that may present itself.
  • I am not made of glass, I am strong - I promise to acknowledge my acomplishments and give myself the credit I deserve.
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe - I promise to share the love I feel for creativity with everyone around me. This is the key to my happiness so make others feel it.

As I wrote the last in this list, the sun finally broke through the rain clouds for the first time today and shined through the studio windows. I'm taking a deep breath as we speak and enjoying life.

Below is a small collection of images I shot towards the end of the year. All photos are taken on Ilford HP5+ and self-developed/scanned.